Video of Jan 28th Public Hearing in Hotchkiss – Moderated by State Sen. Gail Schwartz

Nearly 500 North Fork Valley citizens packed the Commons area of Hotchkiss High School to attend the public hearing organized by Citizens for a Healthy Community. The hearing was moderated by Colorado State Sen. Gail Schwartz and over 60 residents provided statements, with many more signed in to do the same. ┬áThe hearing was video recorded and written transcripts compiled as well. ┬áBoth a DVD recording and the transcripts will be submitted to the BLM on Feb. 9th with CHC’s comments.

Written Transcripts

Part 01-Hearing Intro 1-28-2012
Part 02-Hearing Part2 Intro 1-28-2012
Part 03-Hearing 2nd Hour 1-28-2012
Part 04-Hearing_3rd_Hour_1-28-2012
Part 05-Hearing 4th hour 1-28-2012