Losing weight … in 2019

//Losing weight … in 2019

Losing weight … in 2019

What is in those weight loss supplements?

What is in those weight loss supplements? Now, not really much. Fillers, herbs with the most exotic names, sometimes some vitamins and minerals. In any case, no ingredients that make the fat in your body disappear like snow in the sun, get your abs without even getting close to a gym and make you extremely happy. As the packaging and advertisements suggest.

Does it not work at all?

Yes. If you believe in the placebo effect. But then everything works. Of course there are substances in it that, according to research – sometimes scientifically and sometimes not – have a certain effect on fat burning or metabolism. You can think of ECGC, which is included in green tea. But the problem with substances that have an effect on fat burning or metabolism is that they have to be consumed in extreme amounts for a substantial effect. The concentrations in which they are contained in supplements is too minimal to expect any visible contribution to weight loss.

It doesn’t help, it doesn’t harm

Unfortunately, it does not work, it does not unfortunately do not harm. Many weight loss supplements are disguised laxatives that can seriously damage the intestinal function. Or it contains moisture scavengers. Nice for a while, but very harmful especially for people who already have problems with high blood pressure. And contaminated supplements are certainly no exception.

For those who believe in a miracle pill

I would like to give the following tip to anyone who believes in a miracle pill. Buy a box of slimming supplements – no matter which lead to old iron – and read the instructions carefully. In any case up to and including the sentence: “only works in combination with healthy food and sufficient exercise” – or words of the same meaning. Remember that last sentence. If necessary, write down or list it. Then deposit the box including its contents in the trash bin. Then you can really start working on your good intention. And for an extra helping hand: don’t hesitate to turn to a dietician / expert. That’s what they are for …

Learning new habits takes time and energy

Changing your living and eating habits and habits takes time and energy. It also requires a lot of discipline and a certain form of awareness. In order to avoid falling into the known pitfalls, you can really plan time in your agenda to be busy with losing weight. Make agreements with yourself and stick to it! Plan parties or birthdays in your eating plan, plan time to view information about weight loss and recipes and of course plan the necessary exercise. In this way you need to make sure that it “comes to the fore”. Moreover, it is good for your motivation to be and remain consciously involved in losing weight. In the beginning it can take a lot of effort and time, but in the long run you will become more familiar with it, it will become more common and you will eventually lose weight and feel fitter. Moreover, it will become increasingly easier over time. Exercising and exercising will take less and less effort and making healthy choices will increasingly happen automatically. By investing in time and energy, you naturally teach yourself the new habits.

So: get started energetically, and keep motivating yourself!

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