Activity trackers, almost indispensable for your health

//Activity trackers, almost indispensable for your health

Activity trackers, almost indispensable for your health

Almost everyone uses them today, because the attention for health is increasing. Of course, almost everyone also has access to a smartphone that offers the possibility to collect a number of data about your health and fitness in a structured way. For example, with the Galaxy S9 from KPN you can use the Samsung Health app to monitor your activities.

How does an activity tracker work?

An activity tracker works with sensors that can measure everything. For example, a smartphone often has a separate sensor where you can place your finger on to measure your heart rate. Those who work on their condition know how important it is to measure the heart rate at rest, immediately after exercise, and then to determine how quickly the heart comes to rest. This type of information gives you a good indication about your condition.

The tracker can also measure the number of steps you take. Time measurement can also be used to determine how fast you have walked. The distance you travel is also recorded. It is of course important that you carry your smartphone with you in a place where the movements are properly registered, such as in a breast pocket or a pocket. Please note that the activity tracker can also count movements with the device as steps if you do not turn it off when using other functions.

Tracking of data

An activity tracker is one of those gadgets that help you live a healthier life. The advantage of using an activity tracker in a smartphone is that it often also automatically keeps track of your performance over time. For example, you can set the distance you want to travel every day in steps or meters. The activity tracker on your smartphone keeps track of the days on which you reach your objectives and the distances covered. This also applies to the heart rate measurements that you have taken over time. Activity trackers via a bracelet should generally be connected to a computer or laptop in order to view the data. A disadvantage of using the activity tracker on your smartphone is of course that you always have to carry it with you while exercising or walking.

Other functions of an activity tracker

In addition to a pedometer and a heart rate monitor, an activity tracker on your smartphone often has a large number of other functions that are also related to your health. For example, you can record measurements of your blood pressure also in connection with your fitness and training. Sleeping behavior is also a very important part to track if you opt for a healthy lifestyle. To automatically record sleeping behavior, it is often easy to wear a bracelet during the night that is linked to your smartphone. Furthermore, you naturally also want to be able to watch your diet and for that a calorie counter is available in the app.

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