In recent years, much attention has been paid to healthy food. Many people are consciously making healthy and conscious choices. This can be to lose weight in case of overweight, diabetes or in case of an allergy or intolerance. A frequently heard comment during my office hours is that many people “no longer see the forest for the trees” because of all the abundance of information. Am I doing this right? Is this a healthy choice or not? Why am I not losing weight? What can I do to stabilize my blood sugar? And there are many questions that you may have and that I can help you with. Health is a precious good and it is up to us to treat it that way. A qualified dietitian can help and guide you in achieving your goals.


My name is Lucille R. Kidd.  In 2005 I graduated as a dietitian and immediately started working at home care. In 2009 I started citizens for a healthy community with my colleagues, where I now enjoy working.

In recent years I have focused on counseling people with eating problems, obesity (including a carbohydrate-restricted diet), malnutrition, COPD, heart and vascular diseases (diabetes, hypertension, increased cholesterol) and oncology. In addition, whether or not in combination with the Fodmap diet. Also due to my own pregnancies (2013, 2015 and 2018) and subsequent breastfeeding period, I have expanded my knowledge in this regard.

In 2017 I got further training as an emotion food specialist. I find it a challenge to give people insight into eating emotionally. I do this with the help of various assignments, so that you can actively get started with this at home.

Because who knows no one who eats a bag of crisps in the evening after a busy day at work or a bar of chocolate after a fight with the employer. Sometimes, however, it is also less clear and things are piling up, so that on the way back from work you just dive into the supermarket for something tasty. Together with you I would like to look for where the real need lies.

But wherever you come for, all advice is actually one thing first. Together we look at which advice will help you further and how this can be applied effectively in daily life so that they can become new habits. Since 2005 I have been registered in the Quality Register for Paramedics. Because of this I follow all kinds of training courses. This does not only concern substantive topics, but also topics that focus on behavioral change.


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