ADHD and nutrition

September 6th, 2019|

The differences in outcome depend, among other things, on the design and duration of the study, the number of participants and the interpretation of the study results. By the way: you must also bear in mind that the majority of medical science research is (partly) financed by commercial companies, such as food companies. There is indeed a relationship between ADHD and nutrition Various studies in recent years have indeed shown a strong link between diet and ADHD. By means of a strict elimination diet, in which children were given a diet with only a few products to which one by one food was added, a nice picture was created to which children respond. This type of diet is also carried out under expert supervision. Experimenting yourself is therefore not wise. In contrast to the general assumption, sugars, sweeteners and other artificial additives that children respond to are not by definition, but especially ordinary foods. The idea that nutrition and ADHD have a strong relationship is not new. Especially in the alternative circuit, children with ADHD have had successful dietary interventions for decades. The fact that these small-scale successes have received little [...]

Activity trackers, almost indispensable for your health

August 26th, 2019|

Almost everyone uses them today, because the attention for health is increasing. Of course, almost everyone also has access to a smartphone that offers the possibility to collect a number of data about your health and fitness in a structured way. For example, with the Galaxy S9 from KPN you can use the Samsung Health app to monitor your activities. How does an activity tracker work? An activity tracker works with sensors that can measure everything. For example, a smartphone often has a separate sensor where you can place your finger on to measure your heart rate. Those who work on their condition know how important it is to measure the heart rate at rest, immediately after exercise, and then to determine how quickly the heart comes to rest. This type of information gives you a good indication about your condition. The tracker can also measure the number of steps you take. Time measurement can also be used to determine how fast you have walked. The distance you travel is also recorded. It is of course important that you carry your smartphone with you in a place where the movements are properly registered, such as in [...]

Losing weight … in 2019

March 17th, 2019|

What is in those weight loss supplements? What is in those weight loss supplements? Now, not really much. Fillers, herbs with the most exotic names, sometimes some vitamins and minerals. In any case, no ingredients that make the fat in your body disappear like snow in the sun, get your abs without even getting close to a gym and make you extremely happy. As the packaging and advertisements suggest. Does it not work at all? Yes. If you believe in the placebo effect. But then everything works. Of course there are substances in it that, according to research - sometimes scientifically and sometimes not - have a certain effect on fat burning or metabolism. You can think of ECGC, which is included in green tea. But the problem with substances that have an effect on fat burning or metabolism is that they have to be consumed in extreme amounts for a substantial effect. The concentrations in which they are contained in supplements is too minimal to expect any visible contribution to weight loss. It doesn't help, it doesn't harm Unfortunately, it does not work, it does not unfortunately do not harm. Many weight loss [...]


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